Multi Factor Compliant Access

MFCA provides a standardized way for kiosks and cloud providers to securely communicate.

Integration is Key

With the advent of common availability of thermal imaging cameras, the market is now flooded with devices from different vendors running incompatible software that is difficult to manage and difficult to maintain at enterprise scale.

Most devices are built without the ability to integrate with other systems. This means that customers are forced to use the software provided by the device manufacturer instead of integrating with other systems.

MFCA addresses the myriad problems of connecting entryway hardware to cloud based software.

Everything you need

Security & Ease of Use

MFCA focuses on several key requirements of any compliant facility


A well-defined communication API between the "Front Door and the Cloud." Supporting the standard means devices can talk to any MFCA cloud service and vice versa.


All activity is secure. From linking new and replacement devices to scanning people at the door, security is the number one concern.


All maintenance must be quick & effortless. What happens when a device at your entrance needs replacing?

Multiple Factors

MFCA supports detection of multiple attributes beyond what a key card system provides. Temperature? Vaccinations? Background Checks? You name it.


MFCA allows for complex logic to dictate whether a person is allowed entry or not. Should someone be allowed in if they are not fully vaccinated? Yes, if they have a negative PCR that is less than 7 days old.

Get Access to the MFCA Specification

Become a member of MFCA to integrate with the network of devices and services that support MFCA.

Typical time to implement and support the spec is on the order of days.

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